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Metal-Expo’2017, the 23d International Industrial Exhibition

14/11/2017 - 17/11/2017

Fagor offers the best value for money on metal processing equipment

Fagor designs and suppliers metal processing equipment for the steel and aluminum industries. The engineers working in its technical department have decades of experience in designing reversible rolling mills, skin pass mills, temper mills, tension levelling lines, painting lines, galvanising lines, degreasing lines, etc. All the design work is totally computerised and the solutions are tailored to the needs of each particular customer and application. The experience built up by FAGOR over the years also enables us to provide modernisation and plant consultancy services to improve processes and optimise installations. FAGOR offers a full assistance and training service during the set-up and start-up of the lines and rolling mills. The process control and modelling systems are also integrated, with a team specialising in processing lines and rolling mills.

FAGOR’s six plants also enable us to optimise the manufacture of our equipment, which, along with top-level design, guarantees highly profitable solutions with one of the highest performance-to-cost ratios on the market. We also provide our own integrated quality control, which includes highly rigorous control procedures and methods.

Should you require information or wish to make an appointment please contact Mr Roberto Fernandez