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FAGOR ARRASATE is a founder member of the MONDRAGON Corporation, one of Europe’s largest industrial corporations, and its headquarters and main factories are located in Mondragón, in the most highly industrialised area in Spain, with an advanced infrastructure including two high-capacity industrial ports and five nearby airports. Fagor also has a plant in China, near Shanghai, and a dozen establishments worldwide to guarantee top-level service and personal attention to customers, particularly in the USA, Germany, India, Russia, Brazil, Mexico and China. It is a world leader in the design and manufacture of mechanical and hydraulic presses, complete stamping systems, transfer presses, robotised press lines, press hardening, forging; Cut-to-Length, Slitting, Combi and multiblanking lines; Processing lines as pickling lines, skin passes, reversible mills, painting, galvanizing or tension levelling lines; special metal part forming systems, strip roll forming, flexible roll forming, rotor/stator cutting equipment, dies and many other types of equipment, making FAGOR the metal forming manufacturer with the world’s largest product portfolio.

FAGOR has ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OSHA 18000 certification, and it has been elected “Best Supplier of the Year” on numerous occasions by several major clients. The FAGOR engineering department uses advanced 3D computer design systems and automation simulation, and it actively collaborates with many Research Centres and Universities on advanced development projects, both in Europe and worldwide. Over the last few years, this intensive research has led to innovative systems being created in the sheet metal processing sector, including the high speed transfer, the last generation servopress, the variable roll forming, Equipment for press hardening, more efficient tension levelling lines, the new generation roto-oscillating shear, the special tensors for very delicate metals, optimised skin pass mills and smart multimedia controls.


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