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01/07/2014 - Active Cushions in Hydraulic Presses: Fagor Arrasate introduces new features

Hydraulic presses with active cushions have a series of technical advantages over mechanical ones, making them especially indicated when manufacture requires great flexibility

Active Cushions in Hydraulic Presses:

Fagor Arrasate  recently supplied a 1600 ton production press to a stamping plant of an important German group. Hydraulic presses have a series of technical advantages over mechanical ones, making them especially indicated when manufacture requires great flexibility in factors like: processing of materials, work cycles, stamping series or drawing complicated parts. Furthermore, they have a series of economic advantages making investment profitability optimum. In the case of this German manufacturer, the manufacturing batches are very short and highly varied, with specific complexity of parts to be stamped, thus the Fagor hydraulic press is the ideal solution for all the technical and production requirements presented. In this particular case, the press is characterized by its great flexibility and being highly equipped. For example it has both an upper and lower cushion. The lower cushion may function actively or passively. To achieve this, the force of the same is greater than that of cushions installed in most presses. We are talking about an 800 ton cushion capacity, which is 50% nominal press force. This innovative design enables parts to be drawn from bottom to top as the cushion can supply the required energy. This press can stamp carbon and stainless steel, and the fact of producing stainless steel parts is yet another good reason for cushion force to be greater than standard, since drawing stainless steel parts requires greater upper cushion force.

The possibility of working with the cushions in an active way is a significant advance comparing other hydraulic presses.

Both upper and lower cushions have 4 programming points; i.e. each one has four (4) pressure cylinders, and the pressure of each cylinder can be programmed separately via software designed to be ergonomic, intuitive and user friendly. Furthermore, this pressure can be differentiated in each cylinder separately by program on several stroke’s sections during drawing. This is possible for both upper and lower cushions. These options provide production with great flexibility; moreover the press can be adjusted more correctly to the part being manufactured at any time than with any other system. Thus, numerous operations options become available for manufacturing complex parts, and process engineers have more alternatives for this, so they can ensure more accurate material deformation without breakage risks.

If this article can be interested for you, please follow this link to download the full paper “16000 KN ONAPRES ADVANCED HYDRAULIC PRESS WITH ACTIVE CUSHIONS,



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