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Fagor Arrasate has designed, manufactured, assembled and installed at their destination automatic and flexible lines or systems for the manufacture of:

  • U shaped bodies / cabinets / linings.
  • Drums with flanged lids and riveted shafts.
  • Front and upper panels
  • Drum lids on line or progressive dies.

The processes for these lines generally start with cold-rolled, pre-painted, stainless, galvanised, or other types of sheet metal coils. When the sub-assembly is finished it is ready for the painting line and to go to the mounting or assembly lines.

The sub-assemblies are composed of various parts which are added and joined to the main piece, with:

  • Resistance welding.
  • Deposition welding
  • Clinching or riveting
  • Flanging, etc.

In the manufacturing process for these parts and/or units, machines and equipment are used which go from high-capacity monoblock presses to robots and manipulators, totally flexible and adaptable to any model, shape or position.

The following hourly production rates have been achieved:

  • 180 Bodies, cabinets or linings per hour, with all their parts.
  • 160 Drums per hour with lids and shafts.
  • 240 Front and upper panels per hour.
  • 1250 Drum lids per hour.

The flexibility for processing various models is still very high and the model change times very short, enabling in this way small batches of each model to be manufactured.


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