Our values


At FAGOR ARRASATE we aim to develop an innovative and shared social-business project that, based on the skills and know-how of our people and our commitment to the requirements and expectations of our customers, strengthens our position as a European company internationally renowned for the design and manufacture of machinery for cutting and shaping materials by deformation.

Our goals

  • To focus on our core business of deformation machinery by underpinning current activities and developing new customer bases, geographic markets and products.
  • To evolve towards product/market segments with greater added value, with a reinforced value proposal especially in terms of reliability and the purchasing experience for our customers (confidence, time, service, etc.).
  • To consolidate ourselves as a global supplier, capable of meeting the demands of our target customers anywhere in the world through the growing internationalisation of our activities throughout the value chain.
  • To develop our management practices in all areas, making the most of the synergies between the different businesses of the cooperative.
  • To promote FAGOR ARRASATE’s cooperative social and business project in terms of human and economic dimensions.
Nuestros valores


As a founding member of the MONDRAGON Corporation, at FAGOR ARRASATE we base our values on the Basic Co-operative Principles. These principles reflect a set of ideas forged over more than six decades of cooperative activity and were approved at the first MONDRAGON Corporation Co-operative Congress in October 1987.

The values with which we seek to define our character, creating a sense of identity that fosters cohesion and develops a differentiated management philosophy, are as follows:

  • Co-operation: The company’s workers are owners, taking centre stage in all areas of FAGOR ARRASATE’s activity.
  • Innovation: We seek constant ongoing renewal in all fields of our activity.
  • Participation: Participation and commitment regarding management by all the people who make up the organisation is a right, as well as a commitment.
  • Social Responsibility: FAGOR ARRASATE is committed to the solidarity-based distribution of wealth, with a notable impact on the immediate environment, and we feel solidarity with its improvement and development.
Nuestros valores