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Logo event EUROFORGE conFAIR
22/09/2021 - 23/09/2021
9:00 am
Euskalduna Conference Center, Bilbao, Spain
Fagor Arrasate event: EUROFORGE conFAIR

The EUROFORGE conFAIR 2021 in Bilbao provides the opportunity for all kinds of suppliers to present their latest products and solutions contributing to the effectiveness and efficiency of the forging companies in an attractive hybrid fair and exhibition. Based on the great success of their first event in 2018 and in the light of the special circumstances they will be offering a combination of a face-to-face and a virtual event providing the “best of both worlds”. By doing this they have managed to significantly increase the options for exhibitors and the number of technological fields being presented.

The conference will cover the latest technological developments by world-leading institutes and innovation leaders from the industry, focussing on solutions to the big future topics. Forums and get-together events will provide a frame for personal networking and exchange.

In 2021 they are additionally planning to provide the opportunity of visiting a number of local forging plants in the Basque country around Bilbao, which has a strong forging history, as an extra option to a limited number of participants.

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