November 21, 2013


Fagor Arrasate introduces a new knive setup for Slitting lines


The ERGOTOOL system developed by Fagor Arrasate  is an integral solution for changing knives on slitting lines  which tackles all the factors with impact on this operation. One of the most cumbersome tasks on a slitting line is the preparation of cutting tooling, particularly for the slitters which will cut the master coil into narrower coils for two reasons: (1) it is an operation which must be performed frequently and accurately; and (2) it requires manipulation of loads, it is heavy and not very ergonomic. Furthermore, it is not always possible for the operator to do this manually. Although the knife change on the slitters has been automated to the point of achieving relatively short times of approx. 4 min., the preliminary setup on offline devices take considerably longer. This means sufficiently long coil process times are required to enable said changes simultaneous to process, not to mention the availability of one or more operators to perform the following setups.


ERGOTOOL is a decisive step to increase productivity in a Slitting Line


Developed by FAGOR ARRASATE,  ERGOTOOL is an advanced automatic tool change and management system in slitters achieving reduction in times, increasing ergonomy and safety, as well as process cost reduction.
ERGOTOOL mainly consists of the following:
– A tooling handling robot
– A clamp especially designed by FAGOR to quickly and reliably take and place knives or tool groups. This clamp has a double action mechanism guaranteeing correct functioning of both very thin separators and heavyweight knives.
– One or several rotating magazines to store and control knives and separators. It is a controlled magazine, i.e. the computer knows the situation of any element inside and its condition.
– A tooling cleaning system
– An edge inspection checking system
– An SPC tool management program developed by FAGOR ARRASATE
– Powerful global control software guaranteeing optimized management and maximum performance.
ERGOTOOL is modular so the foregoing components can be added or eliminated depending on technical needs or investment volume.

ERGOTOOL is also a flexible system which adapts to the circumstances of each customer, which vary from one installation to another. Thus, it can be customized for the bay dimensions or space where the installation is located, for the cutting line layout, tool amount necessary, etc., to integrate the different automatic systems, such as the tool cleaning systems, edge inspection systems, etc.

If this article can be interested for you, please follow this link  to download the full paper “ERGOTOOL: TOOL LOADING/UNLOADING AUTOMATION ON SLITTING LINES”