1 октября, 2018

Efficient stacking solutions adapted to each type of customer and material

Fagor Arrasate's experience as a complete supplier of complete cutting lines allows it to offer the most suitable stacker for every need Fagor Arrasate is the largest global manufacturer of Start-Stop stackers, with 102 product orders

Fagor Arrasate event: Efficient stacking solutions adapted to each type of customer and material

Fagor Arrasate offers its customers effective stacking solutions adapted for all types of materials and thicknesses. The recognition achieved in this sector places Fagor Arrasate as the global leader in stacking technology, and the largest manufacture of Start-Stop stackers, with 102 product installations around the world.
Its Start-Stop, systems, linear robots and bomb door systems are capable of processing a large variety of blanks as regards sizes, shapes, materials and dies. The various products are characterised by combining maximum productivity and efficiency. Furthermore, they incorporate the latest technological innovations that respond to some of the latest trends in the sector such as the commitment to energy efficiency, lightweight or variable thickness materials and industry 4.0.

Among blank stackers, the Start-Stop system is the one that combines the best finished product quality with the best productivity. Fagor Arrasate's product range in this system has evolved and is now recognised as a quality benchmark at global level, as a result of its demonstrated productivity and reliability.
Important advances in this regard have also been achieved in vacuum Start-Stop systems. Up until now, the fact that the large part of the generated vacuum is lost to the atmosphere leads to high electrical consumption. However, the new high-energy efficiency stacker from Fagor Arrasate significantly reduces vacuum losses, as it functions with between 15 and 20% of the energy of a conventional system. This saving is reinforced with a control that adapts the vacuum to the current demand in real-time.  For example, if a conventional vacuum stacker functions with five 30 kW/hour fans, the high efficiency stacker achieves the same result with four 4 kW/hour fans.  In total, it is 16 kW against 150 kW

The system is ideal for magnetic and non-magnetic materials as it allows rates of up to 100 blanks/minute. Its operation at start-up/stop ensures that the blanks that are being stacked never hit the stops, but stop first and fall totally vertically (stop before dropping). This is essential when, for example, blanks for automotive skin panels are being cut. These stackers are intended for OEM customers or Service Centres where the priority objective is to obtain blanks without any mark or imperfection. They work with thin blanks of up to 3 mm approximately.
The most flexible stacker on the market
It can be adapted to the dies supplied by the OEM. It has two stacking stations for parts up to 4500 mm and two packets per stacking station for parts of up to 2000 mm. Furthermore, for dies that produce two parts per stroke, Fagor Arrasate offers the option of press front stackers. It also has the option to turn the output workpieces both on press side and front stackers in sizes up to 700 mm in length. The configuration flexibility of the stacking recesses is achieved by means of three axes moving stops, with a system for holding the first parts and a centring system for parts in the packet. The independent selection of runners on the conveyors and support areas on the stacker allow it to adapt to uncommon shapes or dies that produce two parts per stroke.
Optional support system for steel or steel/aluminium
When the support system is just for steel, this stacker offers flexibility thanks to the set of independently selectable electromagnets that help to stack the workpieces in parallel.
If the support system is for steel/aluminium, the stacker has vacuum chambers along the length of the stacking belts. The high-efficiency system, developed and patented by Fagor Arrasate, offers an energy saving of up to 80% compared with conventional systems.
Moreover, its support valves have individual control and selection, which facilitates the stacking of workpieces in parallel and give it great flexibility. It also has a totally autonomous vacuum system which does not require an external compressor or other additional systems. Cleanliness is another of its main characteristics, as air is not applied to the workpiece, contamination by oil or dust is avoided.
Cleaning in the contact areas
Fagor Arrasate has developed a workpiece conveyor system that uses specially designed belts to prevent the generation of dust which could contaminate the blanks. The conveyor belts have incorporated cleaning systems for the collection of surface dirt.
Easy transport of the blank with no sliding
Various magnetic and vacuum systems adapted to each application ensure accurate transport of the workpieces from the press output up to the stacking area.
Stacking belts
The new transmission and control system facilitates the passage of the blanks from the first to the second station. By means of a new control and transmission system, a simple and safe transfer is achieved between stacking stations. The mechanical components that are in contact with the blanks have also been simplified.
Falling of blanks on stopping
The Fagor Arrasate stackers in Start-Stop mode allow the blanks to fall to the package on stopping, preventing impacts on the sides of the workpieces.
Ease of maintenance
The stacking belt can be changed quickly thanks to a modular design that facilitates maintenance, with belt change in under 5 minutes.
Easy and competitive exchange of the stacker support system
In a way that is simple, quick and competitive, and with full use of the stop system and structure, it is possible to adapt a workpiece stacker for steel to one for steel-aluminium.
The adapted design allows the members designed for steel to be exchanged for the new members with vacuum system for steel-aluminium.

The linear robot stackers are intended for OEM customers or Service Centres where blanks with perfect finishes are required.  They are the most suitable for stacking internal blanks or vehicle structures (thin material of up to 3.5 mm) due to their small size. It is possible to stack up to 4 at the same time using a single robot. Several robots can be linked in series to increase productivity. Each robot, depending on the linear distance to cover, can carry out up to 30 cycles per minute carrying up to 4 workpieces with its gripper. Due to their characteristics, the linear robot stackers can be used with more complex dies than conventional stackers.
• Superior blank edge quality for subsequent laser welding, which avoids possible rubbing with stops and the effect of the pushers
• Processing of new non-ferromagnetic materials
• Maximum energy efficiency
• Maximum flexibility in the shape of the workpieces to stack
• Maximum surface quality
• Stacking of all types of materials
• No foundation required
• Low energy consumption

The new Automatic Blank Manipulator has significant technical advantages both from the production, consumption and maintenance point of view and from the working conditions and ergonomic perspective.
Eliminates manual operator handling and improves ergonomics
Traditionally, the part change on the manipulators has been carried out either manually, which requires long stoppage times and the need to enter the line to carry out the change, or by means of manipulator magazines with high investment and maintenance costs.
Increases the number of handled blank types
The most notable quality of the new manipulator is its full flexibility during blank part changes as it allows a suction cup to be placed in any position on the clamping plane automatically.
It provides high quality blanks with optimal care of the edges. The quality, precision, smoothness and repetitiveness of the stacking is guaranteed thanks to the automatic positioning systems and their automatic measuring and correction systems.  Short change times are also achieved (estimated average change time of 2.5 minutes).
Valid for any type of material
The manipulator can stack all types of materials and shapes, which gives great added value and high versatility.
Space-saving Lower investment and maintenance costs
All the parts are processed by means of a single manipulator. Thus, a magazine is not required for different manipulators specifically for each blank, which saves space in the plant, maintenance costs and reduces the initial investment in comparison with conventional automatic handling systems that require a magazine.
It contributes to energy efficiency
The manipulator has equipment configured for use that is adapted to each type of work, which allows it to increase its useful life, reduce energy consumption and facilitate maintenance tasks.

The oscillating roller bomb door stackers offered by Fagor Arrasate are intended for the steel sector. They are characterised by rollers that tilt downwards (and not in a horizontal plane) so that they do not rub against the surface of the blanks and their surface quality is maintained. They are intended for medium (rackets) or thick (bomb door) materials.
They have front stops against impact to brake the cut blanks. The rackets have an air cushion to soften the fall of the sheet. The bomb doors, on the other hand, have motor-driven blank feed rollers.