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At FAGOR ARRASATE, we have supplied and continue to supply presses for retouching and tuning dies in the automotive world. In addition, we have a department that focuses on the design and manufacture of small dies for the world of special machinery, such as equipment for manufacturing the casings of household appliances and similar. In this die department, 15 years ago, a decision was made to design the first oscillating die for incorporation into blanking facilities, and today we are proud to say that we are the largest manufacturers of oscillating dies in the world.

At FAGOR ARRASATE, we support the world of die makers with hydraulic retouching presses (low tonnage presses, but with high repeatability), hydraulic, conventional mechanical and servo test presses and presses geared towards adjustment and small series production. In addition, we adapt and target our products to the needs of the die-maker.


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