Hydraulic presses

The highly cost-effective and efficient alternative to manufacture parts in medium or low volumes

When it comes to manufacturing parts in medium/low volumes, hydraulic press lines are a highly cost-effective and efficient alternative compared to other options with higher productivity, but proportionally much more expensive, an extra cost that is unnecessary and unjustifiable because it cannot be made profitable. This profitability is improved with new energy efficiency technologies applicable to hydraulic presses.

Furthermore, the technical features of hydraulic presses guarantee the quality of certain complicated parts (either because of their geometry, the hardness of the steel used, the process - particularly in press hardening -, the material required - particularly in SMC, composites, IMC, etc.) which makes them ideal in many cases.

Specifically, hydraulic press lines are proving especially profitable in companies that integrate die making with part production.  The other area of growth for hydraulic presses is in the world of composites and press hardening, where the part curing times make the total production levels low and the investment in faster and more expensive presses does not offer a clear “payback”.

At FAGOR ARRASATE, together with the customer, we can analyse requirements and propose the best investment, also taking into account future forecasts.

Hydraulic presses are the best option in many cases because of the advantages they bring:

  • They considerably reduce the initial investment.
  • They reduce the cost of operation.
  • They are highly versatile (with flexibility in control that facilitates the possibility of waiting at different points of the stroke to carry out mould filling, material curing, etc.) as they make it possible to manufacture parts from carbon steel, boron steel, high elastic limit, reinforced plastics, SMC, RPF, IMC, composites, etc.
  • They are highly versatile when it comes to using various types of dies (with different sizes or performance levels).
  • As it has a high capacity, all types of parts can be manufactured with fewer presses.
  • They make it possible to not only produce but also test and tune the dies without the need for additional means.
  • They are very useful in the manufacture of spare parts, or parts for car models that are being abandoned because they have completed their cycle.


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