Circular economy

The circular economy proposes is an economic and productive model characterised by sustainability and savings in resources and energy sources. At FAGOR ARRASATE we are committed to this cause and to this end we are working on new solutions and services such as:

  • Green Press Technology: Although much progress has been made in reducing energy consumption and thus carbon dioxide emissions, there are still several areas for improvement within deformation sector facilities. For examples of this, we can look to some of the projects that we at FAGOR ARRASATE have developed in recent years.
    • SERVO Technology: At FAGOR ARRASATE, we were a pioneer in the development of servo presses, and today we have become one of the main suppliers of this type of equipment, with many such products used by key international clients. Servo technology allows interaction with the main drives of the equipment, so that the energy consumption of the installation is significantly lower. At FAGOR ARRASATE, we have installed servo presses in various applications: press lines, servo blanking facilities that increase speed by 50%, concatenated servo presses, servo transfers and many other options.
  • Retrofiting or technical updating of old installations, either ours or those of third parties.
  • To optimise the maintenance and support of our facilities for their productive and energetic improvement.
  • Reduce the impact of our machines’ packaging.

Circular economy projects