Press Hardening

Complete, integrated and fully automated hot-stamping systems

As part of the constant search for innovative vehicle manufacturing methods to achieve increasingly lighter units to meet the stringent international emission standards, hot-stamping is the ideal technique for forming metals with higher elastic limits. With this system, the required safety levels are obtained and the weight of the pieces is reduced by achieving lower thicknesses.

What do users of hot-stamping lines need today?

  • To continuously reduce the cycle time
  • Energy efficiency
  • Line reliability

At FAGOR ARRASATE we are a worldwide leader in the design and manufacturing of complete hot-stamping systems, able to supply presses and all the necessary peripherals provided with integrated and automated systems, as well as software programmes which enable FAGOR ARRASATE's engineers to supply the best manufacturing systems.

Servo-hydraulic presses

At FAGOR ARRASATE we incorporate servo-pump control technology into our hydraulic hot-stamping presses, which significantly improves the characteristics of these installations with respect to most of those currently in operation worldwide.

Of the main advantages of the direct servo hydraulic pump, the most remarkable is that the energy consumption is reduced by 35%. A summary of all the advantages:

  • Performance
    • Improved dynamism compared to conventional systems
    • Programmable power throughout the whole operation
    • Full process monitoring
  • Consumption
    • Lower electrical consumption
    • Lower consumption of refrigeration water
    • Smaller hydraulic Tank
    • Reduced noise level
  • Maintenance
    • Fewer hydraulic components
    • Fewer sensitive Hydraulic elements
    • Reduced cost of spare parts
    • Fewer non-scheduled stops
    • Reduced maintenance stop time


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