The household appliance manufacturing sector is a constantly evolving market that requires increasingly flexible production. In order to respond to the demands and needs of its customers, at FAGOR ARRASATE we have committed ourselves to innovation and the development of flexible bending systems.

Since we started working with flexible CNC benders in 2006, FAGOR ARRASATE has made significant progress in making its lines more flexible. Right now, our bending machines are equipped with simulation systems for bending and automatic radius change, die changes and clamps with parallel storage, automatic correction systems for elastic recovery of the material, angle measurements and subsequent automatic corrections.

One of the most outstanding advances is the implementation of screens, which allows:

  • The manufacture of different profile models, a totally flexible system where the operator is able to generate his own profile, which gives customers in the household appliance sector the ability to test and manufacture the profiles they want.
  • The adjustment of parameters (bending angle and radius) in order to manufacture the different products with the highest quality and geometric precision.

We have also developed the 5-metre interpolated benders. With this machine we are able to cover a wide range of profiles, thanks to the design of the tools that allow access to any area of the profile, offering flexibility when bending. It also has a servo-controlled tread with exact position and tread force control.

All these innovations position FAGOR ARRASATE as one of the benchmarks in the bending sector and show our commitment to the development of interpolated flexible bending systems as a solution to the challenges faced by the household appliance manufacturing market.


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