Management policy

At FAGOR ARRASATE we are very aware of the importance of carrying out our activity in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, and of doing so in a way that is compatible with the quality of our products and services, with environmental protection, with the prevention of occupational risks and with information security. To this end, we have established the following general management principles, which are applicable throughout our organisation:

  • To satisfy the customer with products of high availability and duration, as well as with services according to their needs.
  • To provide safe and healthy working conditions.
  • To comply with the legal requirements and internal and external standards demanded in terms of products, the environment, occupational risk prevention, information security and business ethics.
  • Continuous improvement in all areas, establishing the following as a standard form of management: defining objectives, deploying them and monitoring their degree of completion in order to take action.
  • Preventing problems and risks, accepting the responsibilities of each worker to ‘get it right first time’.
  • To query and tackle problems as a team alongside those affected: colleagues, suppliers, customers, local government bodies, neighbours, etc.
  • To achieve maximum professional competence, in the spirit of acquiring and sharing knowledge.
  • To guarantee the option of working in Basque in those plants located in the Basque Country.


Management System
Management System
Occupational Health and Safety
Management System