Solutions for the forging sector

Forging is one of the preferred processes for producing metal components that require superior toughness, strength and integrity. At FAGOR ARRASATE we specialise in forging systems that integrate the press and the transfer, resulting in fast, robust and reliable installations for cold, warm and hot forging.

Our forging systems have high added value due to our long experience, the use of the latest technology in the development and manufacture of these systems and the option to completely customise each installation to suit each customer's requirements. At FAGOR ARRASATE, we can not only adapt the tonnage, speed or natural curve of the main drive, but also the forces of the different ejection systems, the maximum forces supported at each workstation or the optimum synchronisation (using our Syncro software) between the transfer and the press to obtain maximum productivity from the equipment.

In 2005, FAGOR ARRASATE developed the first servo press in Europe, followed in 2007 by the first servo system for ejecting forging pieces; these two important milestones, together with our previous knowledge as a manufacturer of electronic transfers and our constant desire to improve our product, position us as an international benchmark in the manufacture of fast servo transfer presses for forging.


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