American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM)

1250 ton forging press at its plant in Zell am Harmersbach, Germany.


Tobias Roser, Plant manager of AAM's Zell am Harmersbach plant

AAM is installing a new 1250 ton forging press from Fagor Arrasate at its plant in Zell am Harmersbach. We talk to plant manager Tobias Roser about his experience with the project and the resulting product.

How do the workshops at AAM Zell manage to keep going in the midst of the pandemic?

Due to stabilizing orders, AAM Zell has returned to its original routine, secured by a strict infection protection protocol.

This project was delivered in the middle of the first wave, and the preliminary acceptance had to be carried out remotely. What was that experience like?

It was a new situation for both sides, and, understandably, improvisation was necessary. However, intensive coordination between the project teams on both sides in the run-up to the project enabled a large number of points to be identified and worked through. Open points were shared via video, analyzed, and worked on accordingly.

Fagor Arrasate always seeks a close and direct relationship with its customers. How would you rate the relationship with the Fagor Arrasate team?

Very good, unbureaucratic and flexible.

Trust is a fundamental aspect of a fluid and profitable relationship. What is the level of trust between AAM Zell and Fagor Arrasate, and how important do you think it is?

High, and we are confident that this trust will continue to grow.

Installation of new equipment usually requires operator training. What role did Fagor Arrasate play in this training, and how do you rate the support received?

Of course, in normal times, the training could be designed to be more intensive and detailed. However, the operation menu is very intuitive, and you can quickly find your way around.

What kind of technology leap did the new system represent, and what benefits did it bring to the facility?

We hope that the optimized design of the system will result in an increased level of output for the larger parts of our product range. Initial tests have already confirmed the first positive results.

What aspect of your relationship with Fagor Arrasate do you value the most?

That Fagor is a fair business partner where customer needs are taken seriously.

How satisfied are you with Fagor Arrasate?

We are very satisfied, and if this time this is not the case, we are very pleased to see that Fagor intends to fix this quickly.

What advantages do you find in Fagor Arrasate's products and services compared to others?

A solid product tailored to the customer, combined with good service.

Final note: Please underline anything you find particularly noteworthy about any of the dimensions of the relationship with Fagor Arrasate (project design, project management, service, etc.).

We were very impressed by the rigorous focus on the customer from the start of the project.

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