Press automation systems

Optimised automation for each application

FAGOR ARRASATE presses are equipped with advanced software and automatic features that guarantee high performance and productivity. Therefore, the automation process involves, in addition to the mechanical press itself, other electronic and mechanical components and accessories, such as electronic transfers, loaders, shuttles, feeders, robots or control or simulation software. The optimised design of all these elements guarantees a perfectly synchronised process that improves the productivity of the system and the efficiency of the whole installation.

Thanks to our experience and knowledge of supplying capital goods to the most demanding industrial sectors in the world, at FAGOR ARRASATE we can offer tailored automation to optimise the process and components of our installations.

These are just some of the advantages of our automatic features.

  • We have an extensive automation catalogue, so we can offer optimised automation for each application.
  • We have 25 years of experience in the dimensioning and control of automatic servo features.
  • A large professional team to respond to any needs that arise.
  • Optimisation of cadences thanks to our digital tools (Syncro).
  • 100% FAGOR ARRASATE solutions for installations with presses
    • Improved synchronisation.
    • Options to simulate the entire installation.
    • Calculation of optimal production.


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