Automations for transfer presses

Maximum precision movements
Automations that we at FAGOR ARRASATE integrate into our transfer installations.

Flexible Gripper

In FAGOR ARRASATE we have developed and patented a flexible gripper that allows for the use of a single gripper for all references, which means no warehouse or stock is required. The main benefits of this system are:

  • The reference change is fully automatic and takes place in under 3 minutes, so it works without an operator, increasing productivity and reducing downtime and changeover times.
  • It ensures blank quality, as well as operation accuracy, smoothness and repeatability.
  • The suction cups automatically adapt to the shape of the blank, with the selection of each suction cup being individual and with the option of adjusting the distance between the outer and inner rows.

Transfer Systems

The transfer installations aim to meet the demands of component manufacture in a fully automated way and without the need for manpower to run the pieces through the successive dies that make up the piece. The heart of the installation is the transfer, which moves the pieces arts from one station to the next to perform the successive operations necessary for the shaping of the piece, with the press continuously working.

Our electronic transfers achieve the best dynamic performance possible, increasing the rate and improving productivity. These are light transfer developments, which seek to respond to our customers’ main concerns:

  • More strokes per minute.
  • Increased process safety and robustness.
  • Improved efficiency and productivity.

Fagor has 8 different models for different head dimensions and configurable and adjustable dies.

CNC Transfer system

Maximum table length (mm) 3.500 4.500 6.000 7.500
AXB bar profile (Aluminum) (mm) 100 x 130 125 x 160 150 x 195 200 x 250
Automatic bar clamp Optional Optional Optional Optional
Maximum transport weight (kg) 100 200 250 400
Stroke (mm)
X 800 1.200 1.200 1.800
Y (Minimum distance between bars) 375 600 900 900
Z 130 200 300 300

Advanced CNC-S transfer system

As our solution for servo presses, large racks spanning up to 8000 mm in length and for high productivity requirements, we have designed the “S” series.

Maximum table length (mm) 3.500 4.500 6.000 7.500
AXB bar profile (Steel) (mm) 140 x 140 140 x 140 200 x 200 250 x 250
Automatic bar clamp Optional Optional Optional Optional
Maximum transport weight (kg) 100 200 250 400
Stroke (mm)
X 800 1.200 1.200 1.800
Y (Minimum distance between bars) 650 650 890 1.000
Z 150 200 300 300


All Fagor transfers are adaptable to the specific needs of our customers through a comprehensive options package:

  • Fast-acting manual and automatic transfer clamps.
  • Adaptable to different auxiliary clamp bar systems or different clamp holder systems.
  • Clamp placement on the top or side face of the transfer bar
  • Automated gripper changing systems

Anti-vibration System

There are many critical aspects to a transfer, but one of them is the automation system’s vibration level. To significantly reduce the vibration level of the transfer bar, Fagor Arrasate has developed the anti-vibration bar system. Thanks to this system, we have improved the transfer bars’ behavior making them much more stable.

SYNCRO: Production Optimization Software

Within the SYNCRO software, designed by FAGOR ARRASATE, we find the ideal tool to optimize the interference curves between press and transfer, as well as the support needed during the die design phase to avoid unwanted interference. The main advantages of our software’s application are:

  • Reduction of die and gripper system design and manufacturing times.
  • Reducción y simplificación de test, verificaciones en planta y puesta a punto.
  • Optimized calculation of the maximum operating speed.
  • Improved productivity and reduced incidents.

SYNCRO optimizes the press stroke, calculates the press cycle and then adapts the transfer motion so that the piece can move without interfering with the press. The use of 3D software (such as Siemens PLS, Delmia, etc.) provides detailed information on the project and allows for constant checks and updates regarding its progress:

  • Checking and optimizing die design.
  • Checking and optimizing the design of the gripper elements.
  • Optimizing curves through collision checking and offline scheduling generation.
  • Optimizing curve overlap by increasing the rate.

All this allows us to obtain the maximum press-transfer synchronism thereby achieving the highest processing speed. In addition, we offer transfer use training to our customers in order to achieve the highest productivity.


LRB1: One axis

LRB2: Two axes


X (Translation)

  • Max. stroke: Configurable

Z (Lift)

  • Max. stroke (optional): 300 mm

Gripper System

To improve the efficiency of the transfer system, it is important to have a gripper system that securely and firmly fastens the piece and helps the transfer operate at maximum efficiency to ensure the best results in terms of productivity.

Our team of designers creates customized gripper systems optimized for our customers’ presses and dies.

Great design flexibility

At FAGOR ARRASATE we design customized clamping systems for our customers using components from leading brands. We offer great flexibility in design, covering a wide spectrum of sizes, materials and gripping technologies:

  • Pneumatic technology gripper system.
  • Mechanical gripper system.
  • Vacuum suction cup system.
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