At FAGOR ARRASATE, we want our customers to get the very best performance from their installations, which is why we have developed various technologies for optimising processes, increasing productivity, remotely monitoring installations and improving production quality, all encompassed by the FAGOR SMART-CONNECT concept.

The purpose of FAGOR SMART- CONNECT is to improve the operating efficiency, or OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), of the plant and also to help improve the customer's processes. The system is based on advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technologies that enable machine operating parameters (stress, temperature, oil quality, etc.) to be acquired online, then monitored, analysed and subsequently diagnosed.

Our technical assistance service is always available should our customers have any queries or need intervention with their machines, which may require us to remotely connect to the machine's controls. We are also making progress in characterising the behaviour of machines, with the aim of offering our customers predictive maintenance of the most critical components and/or those that require preventive maintenance depending on their use.

Benefits of using FAGOR SMART-CONNECT

Predictive maintenance

In order to increase the OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) and the availability of the machine, measurements are taken of various parameters that show a predictable trend in the life cycle of the machine and its components.

Management of process data

Analysing production data in real time allows problems to be detected early so corrective action can be taken by operators to avoid machine downtime and defective parts.

Reduction of production consumption

Controlling the consumption of an installation allows you to assess the cost per part and to take measures to improve its energy efficiency.

Generation of knowledge

Gathering data from the installation enables you to predict the machine’s behaviour and evaluate the influence of cross variables, in order to improve productivity and extend the life of the installation.


Customers, installations and variables monitored to date.


Installations connected
Measures monitored

The FAGOR SMART-CONNECT platform consists of 3 elements:

FA-link Map

This is the web interface where all relevant information about the machine or installation is displayed. The web interface can be accessed from any device (Tablet, PC). The system enables you to monitor the status of the machine, consumption and process data. This means that managers and technicians can be kept up-to-date at all times on the status of their machines. You will have access to the following applications, among others:

Status monitoring

Service based on the maintenance indicators defined by FAGOR ARRASATE, which you can browse through until you find a component that requires maintenance.

Communications monitoring

Equipment connection management service where the hardware, software, communications and the status of the cybersecurity measures for the connected assets are diagnosed.


The customer has the option to receive a monthly report by email, or to print it at any time from the FAlink-MAP application, containing information on the status of the installation, so they can then determine the appropriate maintenance guidelines.

Energy monitoring

Service that enables you to view the consumption of the line, both in terms of time elapsed and in relation to the part being produced. The objective is to make the customer’s business model more competitive by minimising the consumption of resources in production (mainly electricity, air and water).

Monitoring processes

A service for monitoring the manufacturing processes of FAGOR ARRASATE machines to identify the most stable processing window to ensure the quality of the product being produced. Various ad-hoc solutions are available for forming, cutting, bending, profiling processes, etc., depending on the installation.

Event management

Management service for preventive maintenance actions, to manage them more effectively (planning, management of required spare parts, log, etc.).

Spare part management

Digital channel service for purchasing commercial and/or custom-made spare parts required for each machine, enabling them to be identified in the machine to improve the consultation and ordering process.

Document management

All machine documentation is available in digital format and new digital formats are provided to assist maintenance teams (support videos, smart assistants, etc.).

Before we can offer the SMART CONNECT platform it’s essential to first turn the machine into a smart machine. Critical information on the operation of the machine is captured through the use of various different CPS (cyber physical systems), such as operating data, stress, torque, consumption, vibration, etc. This information is processed and saved in a local temporary repository to be later send to both the customer and FAGOR ARRASATE.

The following programs are offered within the Smart Machine for optimising the machine’s performance and efficiency:

Display of off-centre loads

VISUAL STAMP: Stress control system for press

This is a software tool that allows the customer to monitor, control and diagnose the stamping and/or cutting processes of the FAGOR ARRASATE press. This system allows you to ensure that the press is working under correct conditions and identify whether graphs showing incorrect force are due to press or die setting errors. The analysis is carried out in real time by an autonomous cyber-physical system integrated into the press control.

SYNCRO: Production optimisation system

This powerful turnkey solution uses a virtual model to calculate the optimal trajectories and speeds for the press and the transfer, and it’s able to simulate the whole cycle and check for potential interferences.

Simulación Off-Line del ciclo y cheque de posibles interferencias

The data from each machine is securely sent to a data centre or CLOUD infrastructure, where advanced information analysis is performed.

FAGOR ARRASATE uses the most advanced encryption systems and firewalls to guarantee the security and confidentiality of data. At FAGOR ARRASATE we always use the most advanced cybersecurity techniques and technological guarantees for collecting, processing and transmitting information.

We have carefully considered every party that is involved in our manufacturing processes, from presses to embedded sensors, and we guarantee the reliability and interoperability of control systems and cyber-physical systems to ensure data is exchanged correctly.

FAGOR ARRASATE Smart Infrastructure

The various alternatives for managing the large volume and diversity of types and origins of data have also been taken into account as, due to the growing complexity of production machines, said data needs to be processed appropriately before being sent to the customer.

To safeguard the security of data during communication and storage, FAGOR ARRASATE has developed its own system that guarantees the customer that their data will be used in a totally confidential manner.


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