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The metal leveling process is a fundamental procedure involving the alteration of the shape of a metal sheet or plate to achieve a flat and uniform surface. At Fagor Arrasate, we approach metal leveling technology with a dedicated focus on quality and precision. Our levelers, whether integrated into cutting and processing lines or as individual units for leveling metal parts, are based on extensive technical knowledge and a practical understanding of industry demands.

This process is crucial as it prepares the material for subsequent industrial operations, ensuring that the metal's characteristics meet the precise requirements for manufacturing high-quality, high-performance components. Therefore, each leveling system we design aims to meet the specific requirements of different industrial sectors, ensuring that the processed material is in line with relevant regulations and specifications.

  1. Laser Cutting:
    • Precision: Well-leveled metal ensures precise laser cuts, as the uniform surface ensures that the distance between the laser head and the workpiece is constant, optimizing focus and minimizing errors.
    • Cut Quality: The flatness of the material improves cut quality, reducing the likelihood of deficiencies and material waste.
  2. Forming:
    • Uniformity: During forming, pre-leveled material facilitates achieving exact and uniform dimensions in the final pieces.
    • Reducing Residual Stresses: Effective leveling can reduce residual stresses in the material, which can affect precision during forming.
  3. Welding:
    • Alignment: Leveled material ensures correct alignment of parts to be welded, which is crucial for maintaining structural integrity and weld quality.
    • Minimizing Stresses: Prior leveling minimizes stresses in the metal, reducing the likelihood of deformation during welding.
  4. Manufacturing of Tools and Components:
    • Tolerances: Metal parts used in manufacturing tools and components often require strict tolerances, more easily achievable with properly leveled material.
    • Wear: Uniformity in the material can contribute to even wear of tools and components, extending their lifespan.
  5. Coatings and Finishes:
    • Uniform Adhesion: Leveled material allows for more uniform adhesion of coatings and finishes, improving both aesthetics and protection against corrosion and wear.
    • Aesthetics: The flatness of the material also impacts the appearance of the final product, a crucial aspect in applications where aesthetics are important.
  6. Assembly Operations:
    • Assembly: Precision in leveling ensures that metal parts are correctly assembled, guaranteeing proper alignments and reducing the need for adjustments during assembly.
    • Stability: Dimensional stability of the parts is critical for maintaining the integrity of the structures and systems in which they are used.

The integration of cutting-edge technology in control and automation in our machines aims to offer high precision and consistency in metal leveling. This approach, backed by robust technical support and a detailed understanding of various industrial applications, allows us to be a strategic collaborator, providing solutions that emphasize quality and operational efficiency.

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