Blanking lines

Integrated turnkey cutting systems

With more than 60 years of experience in providing customer-oriented solutions in the forming of materials, at FAGOR ARRASATE we have become one of the main international benchmarks in the design and manufacture of blanking lines. Now, following the new market requirements, we are launching our new cutting line with laser cutting technology.

Our blanking lines are especially valued because they are a 100% FAGOR ARRASATE solution with a single control architecture for the entire line, optimising all manufacturing and maintenance operations. We are especially well-placed to provide complete cutting systems that incorporate not only the line, but all the necessary peripherals (stackers, coil handling, automatic strapping, robotisation, etc.) to provide our customers with integrated and proven turnkey systems. In addition, the knowledge we have acquired over years of experience in the design and manufacture of coil processing and slitting lines has given us the know-how to manufacture specific equipment for the treatment of materials that are difficult to work, such as aluminium and stainless steel.


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