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Think global

We have service plants in Spain, Germany, the United States, China, Mexico and Turkey, which have their own highly specialised teams that can be deployed anywhere in the world to solve any incident in the shortest possible time with maximum efficiency.

We also have a network of local suppliers throughout the world whom we train and provide with specific knowledge of our equipment and who meet the strictest quality standards.

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Act local

Our commitment is to offer an expert service, close and direct, from the very beginning of the project’s conception throughout its life cycle. At FAGOR ARRASATE we believe that our customers’ challenges are our own, and that is why we want to accompany them in their success.

Locally we incorporate native staff members to integrate the local language, culture and idiosyncrasy, to be a partner that speaks, thinks and acts like our customers.

No need for bureaucracy. Are you experiencing a problem? Call us and we will deal with you directly.


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