Leveler for cutting line



Mechanical or hydraulic levelers
Leveling of blanks or continuous from coils
Coil weight: Up to 50 Ton

Material thickness: 0.15 – 25 mm
Material width: up to 2,650 mm
Yield strength: 1,600 MPa

Material thickness: 0.15 – 20 mm
Material width: up to 2,650 mm
Yield strength: 900 MPa


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Levelling Setting Assistant

The leveler adjustment assistant greatly facilitates the operator’s work and ensures repeatable quality regardless of who operates the line. Our Leveling Setting Assistant, through an intuitive graphical user interface on the PLC of the leveler, suggests to the operator the optimal setting of the rollers to properly process the different work materials, according to their thickness and their yield strength.

Flatness measurement
and closed-loop control

An inclined configuration is not always enough to obtain a flat product. Occasionally, the sheets present local defects that require the use of support rollers or a variation in the inclined configuration in order to be eliminated. Normally, the adjustment of the support rollers and the inclination is done manually by the line operator at their discretion. In this sense, Fagor Arrasate is working on the development of a new system capable of measuring the quality of the flatness of the sheet during the process and automatically calculating and adjusting the cassette to eliminate flatness irregularities. The system brings some advantages to the process:

  • Improved quality assurance and customer satisfaction
  • Improved process control
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Increased productivity


Flatness measurement system to visualize and monitor in real time the deformity of the strip after flattening, in order to have more stable processes and reduce the dependence on the operator’s experience. In addition, the system has a calculation package that makes proposals to adjust the leveler to achieve optimum flatness. The model is able to make proposals to adjust both the leveler tilting and the positioning of the supports, in order to eliminate local defects of the sheet.


Fagor Smart-Connect aims to improve the operational efficiency, or OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), of the installation, including the leveler. The system is based on advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technologies that enable online acquisition of machine operating parameters.

It allows viewing of values in real time or historical averages of the main parameters that control the correct use of the leveler, as well as creating alarms when an operation does not go as planned.

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At FAGOR ARRASATE, our catalog includes a comprehensive range of rollers to cover a range of working thicknesses required for this type of line.



When processing materials with a maximum thickness of 4 mm, as is the case in the automotive sector, mechanical flatteners, the most commonly used, or hydraulic flatteners can be used. The function of the leveler is to eliminate internal stresses resulting from the coil manufacturing process, as well as to eliminate local defects (pockets, waves, etc.).




In the case of the industrial sector of thick materials, the thickness of the processed material is usually from 6 mm to 25 mm maximum and, therefore, mechanical levelers or hydraulic levelers could be used. For the elimination of internal stresses, FAGOR ARRASATE has the specific technology for thick materials to perform a double leveling by means of a simultaneous operation of the straightening and leveling machine.




Among the various applications of lasers, laser cutting is one of the main activities of this technology. Our levelers ensure that the final product is free of defects and internal stresses that may appear in the material after cutting.




Our levelers are at the heart of the feed lines of our press blanking lines, providing optimum leveling results on both high-strength steel and aluminum.




The type of levelers normally used on these lines are 3-high and process materials up to a maximum thickness of 4-5 mm.




Depending on the thickness to be processed, mechanical or hydraulic levelers can be used.



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