Cut to length line with hydraulic leveler to break the internal fibers of residual stresses

Why did you trust Fagor for your new line?

This came from change in the steel market and the inclusion of laser operators. Because of this we needed the sheet, in addition to having a good, well-flattened appearance, to break the internal fibers of residual stresses. And that is achieved by hydraulic levelers.

To what extent has the new line enabled to expand into new markets?

We got back customers who were complaining about these intrinsic steel defects. With the mechanical levelers we were not able to achieve fiber breakage. It was no longer a question of presence, but of capacity. Thanks to the quality of our new leveler we entered markets that we couldn't before.

Susider proves that you don't have to be a giant to compete with the industry’s big players.

We are a family-owned company and have a small portion of the steel pie-chart in Spain, France and Portugal. We need to do things right, build customer loyalty and invest in technology.

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Solutions Leveler for cutting line

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How would you rate the new leveler’s performance?

Very good. In the end of line, we decided to place a rotating shear, so that the leveler did not have to stop every time on each sheet, like in start-stop shears. That boosts productivity and a longer service-life for mechanical elements such as in drives. Start-ups and shutdowns on hot lines in particular are quite damaging for mechanical systems.

We made a mix between Fagor’s offer and our own working system. And it has yielded good productivity.

We are a small company and sometimes the coils do not come out complete. We do not always sell standard material like others, what is not ordered is cut in a standard way and stored.

The line as designed is very productive and we get a good yield. From faulty coils, we have managed to obtain a flat sheet. This is very important for Susider, it is added quality.

We cut all kinds of materials, and that’s where the requirements for the range of hardnesses that the machine has to flatten come from. Both for sheet stamping materials and high yield strength steels. We are very pleased.

How do you evaluate Fagor’s collaboration in designing the machine?

I have always had a good understanding with Fagor, which is what Susider needed. We have received what we have asked for.

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