January 31, 2011

A line for manufacturing silos

Fagor Arrasate event: A line for manufacturing silos

Spanish company SYMAGA is one of the biggest manufacturers of silos in the world with references in Australia, New Zeeland, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia and many others. The company builds small silos for farms (of about 3 meters in diameter) but it is specialized in big silos for storing materials, for instance, those in harbors. These silos can have up to 32 meters in diameter.

SYMAGA has awarded FAGOR for the supplying of its new manufacturing facilities. FAGOR will supply a manufacturing system for making the external rings of the sidewalls. This line will start from band of 1500 mm in width. This strip will be roll formed with a sinus shaped mini wave to give rigidity to the part. Once this roll forming operation has been made, the part is bent with the exact radius required to assure it will fit properly in the silo. The joining of the curved rings are made using additional brackets. These are also made in a roll forming line supplied by FAGOR.

Additionally, for the roof of the silo, other parts called “sigmas” are used. These are made from narrow coils. These narrow coils are also produced in a dedicated slitting line also supplied by FAGOR.