March 6, 2011

A slitting line sold in Russia

Fagor Arrasate event: A slitting line sold in Russia

“Novosibirsk Metallurgical Works named after Kuzmin” has ordered from FAGOR a slitting line able to process steel strip of 1830 in width and up to 6 mm in thickness.

Tensile Strength can reach 540 Mpa and the coils can weigh up to 32 tons with an outer diameter of 2000 mm and inner diameter very variable from 610 to 850 mm.

The speed of the line will be 75 m/min and it will be able to cut 10 strips in maximum thickness. Threading speed will be 15 m/min.

The line will include the following machines: saddles for receiving the coils, coil car, electrically driven uncoiler, centering device, peeler, pinch rolls, straightener, crop shear and scrap removal system, pinch rolls, side guides, slitter with automatic change of tooling by means of turnstile, scrap baller, loop, movable tensioning device with felt pad and tensioning rolls, threading peeler, recoiler, exit coil car and exit turnstile.

For extracting the cut coils without banding previously in the recoiler- therefore not having wasted times in the production- the exit coil car has a piano system to hold the strips. All the line is controlled by a powerful PLC system.