January 8, 2017

Automatic, Flexible and Smart Handling Device for Stacking Blanks

FAGOR ARRASATE, in line with their constant technological Innovation strategy, has developed a new Automatic and Flexible Blank Handling Device which allows for a significant increase in the capacity to make model changes with a smaller investment, leading to greater productivity, reducing the maintenance costs as well as making possible to perform the stacking in a more ergonomic, safer and energy efficient environment.

Fagor Arrasate event: Automatic, Flexible and Smart Handling Device for Stacking Blanks

The current market is underscored by a growing demand for flexibility which requires an urgent response in terms of productivity and efficiency, as the models of products are being continuously renewed, therefore to forecast a rapid change already during the process design is vital.

Furthermore, the Lean Manufacturing culture promotes the reduction of stocks and the adjustment of production to demand so that each machine adapts to each product, which in turn implies the need to process very short batches of each reference and to cut flat pieces with irregular, changing and undefined geometries.

In this context, FAGOR ARRASATE, loyal to its commitment to “SHARING YOUR CHALLENGES”, has developed and made available a new Automatic Blank Handling system which has been patented – patent pending – for its contribution in terms of flexibility and quick set-up.

FAGOR ARRASATE has extensive experience in robotic applications for many sectors and with all kinds of systems for stacking, destacking and handling blanks. To this knowledge we now add the advantages of a new versatile automatic handling device.

A handler is a tool installed at the end of a robot, feeder, etc. in order to hold the blanks and transport them from one position to another. The new Automatic Blank Handling Device by FAGOR ARRASATE is characterised by its ease in adapting to the different part shapes, allowing the holding elements (suction pads, clamps…) to be positioned quickly and easily.