August 31, 2010

Car maker Ford awards Fagor Arrasate with a important order

Fagor Arrasate event: Car maker Ford awards Fagor Arrasate with a important order


Car manufacturing sector is seeing a market’s reactivation. In this more optimistic situation, Romania is taking a leading role among those countries in which the production of cars is increasing importantly. Precisely, for its facility in Romania, FORD has awarded FAGOR ARRRASATE with an important order aimed to increase its stamping capacity for manufacturing car’s bodies. We are talking about an order of almost 20 million euros to supply a big robotized tandem press line and another try-out press for testing dies. This order is specially important for FAGOR ARRASATE as it has been obtained after a hard competition with the world major leaders. FAGOR ARRASATE is one of the three major companies in the field of designing and supplying presses and stamping systems, as well as steel and aluminum processing lines, special equipment to manufacture sheet-metal complex parts and dies.


The new line to be installed at FORD’s plant will start with a mechanical head press of 2500 tons of capacity. Then, a single action press –link drive type- of 1600 Tons will follow. Finally, another two link drive single action  presses of 1000 Tons of capacity each one will complete the installation. Additionally, this line will include a destacker, an oiler and all the transportation of parts all along the line will be robotized. Additionally, this line will include a destacker, an oiler and, specially, all the robotization to transfer the par being conformed from one press to the other till at the last press the par is totally finished. This integral robotization will be with robots from the company KUKA. Both companies are having an agreement to develop new robotized systems and as a fruit of this work, they have been promoting the successful line “WAVE LINE”,  a robotic system that allows the line to work in continuous mode and totally synchronized with the robots and machines working in an orderly process without the stops that happened in conventional lines.


The head press will have a bolster’s size of 4.6 x 2.5 meters to stamp big parts and will have an available energy of 1100 kilojoules. To get this energy, the press will be equipped with a motor of 450 kw. The other presses will have the same dimensions and all of them will have moving bolsters in order to facilitate the quick change of the dies that can be as heavy as 50 tons.


It is not the first time that FAGOR ARRASATE supplies robotized press lines to FORD. Recently, it installed a similar line at the Australian facility of the US car maker. This line can be seen in the attached picture. The good performance of this installation has led FORD to continue trusting in the know-how and technology of FAGOR