November 14, 2009

Chinese Auto Maker GREAT WALL has ordered

Chinese Auto Maker GREAT WALL has ordered two transfer presses from FAGOR. The capacity of each machine will be 2500 Tons and the size of the bolster will be 5100 x 2300 mm, so a pretty big size. The press will be of a link drive type in order to reduce the speed in the working area and allowing fabricating more complicated parts. The stroke of these presses will be 900 mm and the Shut Height will reach 1300 mm.  The machines will run at a speed from 10 to 25 spm. These presses will be equipped with an electronic transfer model CNC -6. This model allows a stroke path from 0 to 1300 . Also, a destacker for each press will be supplied.  
Fagor is one of the most important suppliers of forming machine tools all over the world and specially in China where FAGOR has a complete facility near Shanghai.