August 31, 2009

DAIMLER awards an order to FAGOR ARRASATE

DAIMLER awards an order to FAGOR ARRASATE for supplying a press to be installed in the facility that the German high-class cars has in  Mercedes Benz Werk Gaggenau (Baden- Würtemberg), near Karlruhe. The new press is a transfer press with a capacity of 20,000 KN and bolster’s dimensions of 5100 x 2500 mm. Transfer presses are the most advanced option and the most efficient way to manufacture medium size car’s parts for the Automobile industry.

This press will have a stroke of 700 mm and will be able to work at 30spm. In these kind of installations it is very important to reduce the changing and set up times, therefore the machine will have two moving bolsters in order to change the die in a few minutes. Moreover, this new press will include a CNC intelligent cushion with a capacity of 190 Tons. These type of computerized cushions allow a very precise control of pressures and speeds in several point of the die, improving the quality of the obtained part. Also, the machine will include cushions in the slide and a safety slide’s locker in the hydraulic clutch to significantly improve the security of operation. The machine will be delivers during Fall 2010