October 27, 2016

EUROBLECH. 24th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition


Fagor Arrasate event: EUROBLECH. 24th International Sheet Metal Working Technology Exhibition

Fagor Arrasate has got a remarkable success at the Euroblech 2016 Exhibition, indeed the most important event of the world in the field of Forming Machine Tools. Having a big booth of two levels, Fagor Arrasate has shown it ample product’s portfolio and the latest developments proposes by its R&D programs: full automatic Rolling Mills, Skin Pass Mills, Servoblanking lines able to process both steel and aluminum, the new free-acid pickling line ECOPICKLEAN, High Speed Tandem Press Lines, Systems for manufacturing parts aimed to be used in low consumption cars as well as servohydraulic or servomechanic lines for hot forming. Also, new developments in lines fitting the Green Manufacturing concept have been introduced.

Among all these proposals, Fagor Arrasate would like to emphasize its will for optimizing quality and Service, the two major vectors of our added value proposal during this Exhibition. Within this, we have introduced the new Company FAGOR ARRASATE DEUTSCLAND GmbH, located in Germany, close to customers and local, as a key strategy to help even more our Customers to get their needs and having better performance and profitability with our products.

A great number of Customers has visited our booth for knowing first hand all the technical details of all these innovations as well as their advantages in terms of productivity, flexibility and return of the investment.