November 7, 2017


Inspired by innovation and with experience based on 60 years of history, Fagor Arrasate is the worldwide technological reference in processing and finishing lines, metal rolling, and turnkey stamping systems.


Innovation and service are at the forefront and the company will present at Fabtech from 6 till 9 November the new Syncro software, Visual Stamp and Smart Connect systems and a servo-mechanical cushion that reduces energy consumption by 75%.


With a strong commitment to technology and service, Fagor Arrasate is the best partner, providing outstanding services and expert advice. The company is exhibiting at Fabtech in Chicago (booth A5269) showing their latest innovations that provide the perfect means to obtain a maximum return on customers' investments.
Located in hall A, booth 5269 at Fabtech, Fagor Arrasate will exhibit the latest developments arising from Industry 4.0 such as smart machines with a greater autonomy, automation and productivity. One of the innovative Smart machines of the Fagor Arrasate portfolio is the Syncro 3D simulation program. A software that optimizes the process between the press and electronic transfer or feeder. This turnkey solution uses an off-line virtual model on which the paths and appropriate speed of the press and transfer are calculated to prevent possible collisions with a full simulation of the entire cycle. Hence, during the planning and control of the program run, rates are optimized and a greater production output is achieved.
The force control system, (Visual Stamp), on the Fagor press makes monitoring, control and diagnosis of the stamping and/or cutting process on the press possible in real time through an independent cyber-physical system integrated in the press control. This allows the customer to ensure the press is working in ideal conditions and to check if incorrect force graphs are due to poor settings on the press or the die.
Among some of its advantages, the Smart Connect integrated maintenance system makes it possible to predict future maintenance needs on the machine with a view towards optimal planning without interfering with normal production. In addition, the system developed by Fagor Arrasate guarantees maximum confidentiality, security and reliability in the management of information, ensuring a correct data exchange.
In terms of energy efficiency, Fagor Arrasate will present its innovative servo-mechanical cushion at the Chicago fair. This innovation reduces energy consumption significantly since it only consumes 25% of what a hydraulic cushion installation requires. The notable decrease in consumption is not the only advantage; incorporating the electric cushion facilitates lower maintenance by eliminating the hydraulic unit with approximately 5,000 litres of oil, thus requiring less space in the press pit. In addition to guaranteeing a more precise control of the forces, position precision and a repeatability much higher than that of a hydraulic installation.
The firm commitment of Fagor Arrasate to Industry 4.0 results from continuous investments in new technologies that improve the competitiveness of the equipment. This ranges from innovation in the fields of energy efficiency, improvement of productivity and the development of smart installations and platforms with value-added services, as well as products and processes for the treatment of new materials.
The engineering and automation capacity accumulated in the materials process is making leading world-class companies place their trust in Fagor Arrasate for the development of projects in steel, aluminum or combinations of these two elements. ArcelorMittal has opted for Fagor Arrasate to undertake its aluminum expansion process for the automotive sector by ordering a complete slitting line, with widths up to 2,000 mm and thickness up to 5 mm, for its German plant in Neuwied. In addition, Daimler will receive a Blanking Line with Servo-press for steel and aluminum, in thicknesses of 0.6 to 2.5 mm, and capable to achieve 85 spm. The line includes the new generation of roll leveller and a high degree of synchronization between all elements that form the line. The Line will be located in its facilities of Bremen in Germany.
On the other hand, within the expansion in which Fagor Arrasate is immersed beyond those industries to which it has traditionally directed its products, the company continues with its progression in the aerospace industry after the order received by Nanshan Aluminum to supply a 2,650 x 4 mm aluminum cut-to-length line.
Concerning the energy saving commitment of the company, as seen in the development of the servo mechanical cushion, Fagor Arrasate has developed an energy efficient stacker that consumes vacuum force only when required. Moreover, by using high efficiency motors this new system reduces sharply the electrical power grid bills of our customers.   
Fabtech exhibition in Chicago will allow Fagor Arrasate to showcase the thousands of visitors that come to this important American event every year, its broad portfolio of Industry 4.0 smart developments which result in increasingly autonomous and robust processes. The American market is a strategic commitment of Fagor Arrasate and remains committed thru its North American based team to meet the demands of customers for fast and professional service. It is a logical consequence of the gradual growth in America and surrounding countries, and is part of the natural expansion of Fagor Arrasate globally. This is seen with the recent opening of its new facilities in Germany, and the opening of its service center in Mexico in November which will help strengthen its presence in NAFTA.