October 29, 2010

Fagor Arrasate at the Blech 2010 Exhibition

Fagor Arrasate event: Fagor Arrasate at the Blech 2010 Exhibition

Fagor Arrasate was exhibiting in the most important Show for forming machine tools in the World, the BLECH 2010, that was held in Hannover, Germany, during the last week of October. This Show gathers thousands of exhibitors from all over the World showing the most advanced novelties in the sheet metal forming sector. The Show is celebrated every two years.

In this year event, FAGOR ARRASATE showed all the new technologies that has developed during these two years. For instance, the systems for quenching parts inside the press, so called press hardening operation, a technology that allows the quenching of the metal within the same stamping process. Fagor is one of the few suppliers in the World able to provide the complete turn key system including the press, the special refrigerated dies, the furnace, the robots and the laser cutters for finishing and trimming the parts. Also, the Spanish Company introduced its new variable roll former, a machine able to make variable profiles. This technology represents a very advantageous alternative in the automotive sector comparing with the traditional stamping presses. FAGOR ARRASATE also exhibited its new portfolio of products for the steel and aluminum sectors, upstream in the manufacturing of metal such as tension levelling lines, reversible rolling mills, skin passes, painting lines, galvanizing lines, annealing line, etc., etc. Another new machines proposed fy FAGOR are those specialized in manufacturing electric laminations as rotors and stators for electrics motors, using presses or the new rotary punching machine developed by FAGOR. In the field of levelling, Customers showed great interest for the new stretch leveler, a machine that guarantees 100% of plastification in thick sheet metal.

The Exhibition was successful for FAGOR because all the main manufacturers of cars, domestic appliances, steel and aluminum paid a visit to Fagors’ booth. Even, the Company signed several contracts during the Show.