March 8, 2023


The operation aims to incorporate Savvy's digital solutions to boost Fagor Arrasate's Industry 4.0 service offering and access to technological and commercial synergies for both companies.


Fagor Arrasate, a specialist in the development of solutions for the forming and processing of metallic materials and composites, plans to take its strategy of introducing connectivity and digitalization technologies in its machines to another level by becoming a shareholder of the process digitalization firm Savvy Data Systems.

The agreement reached contemplates the entry of Fagor Arrasate in Savvy’s Board of Directors becoming a new industrial partner of the Donostia-based company, specialized in the digital transformation of the process industry and machine tools. The collaboration will allow Fagor Arrasate, dedicated to the development of capital goods for sheet metal working and composite materials for the world’s most demanding industrial sectors, to incorporate Savvy’s technologies and solutions into its offer.

“Our participation in Savvy Data Systems represents the fulfillment of one of the milestones set in the roadmap of our Strategic Plan 2024, through which we will develop and incorporate new technological capabilities essential to achieve the vision we have of SMART FACTORY of the future. The connectivity and digitization of our machines, which Fagor Arrasate had already been promoting for some time, will be taken to another level with Savvy, with whom we are sure that we will have access to great technological and commercial synergies”, says Unai López Moñux, CEO of Fagor Arrasate.

Specifically, Fagor Arrasate will be able to count on Savvy’s capabilities and know-how, which are focused on developing solutions that transform data from machines into information that allows customers to optimize and improve the competitiveness of their processes.

An alliance that will allow Fagor to anticipate the demands of its customers.

The two companies had already been working together for several months and this has now crystallized in the entry of Fagor Arrasate in Savvy’s capital. This alliance, supported from the outset by the machine tool manufacturer Danobatgroup, majority shareholder of Savvy, has now crystallized in the entry of Fagor Arrasate into Savvy’s capital.
Savvy data systems, will allow Fagor Arrasate to further develop the Fagor Smart-Connect connectivity platform, which makes it possible to monitor its machines anywhere in the world to help its customers get the most out of their facilities by improving the operational efficiency – OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) – of the plant, on the one hand, and contribute to improving the customer’s process, on the other.

“Our customers demand robust, automated solutions with increasingly challenging machine availability requirements. Continuously monitoring the main parameters of our machines anywhere in the world and, by applying predictive patterns, anticipating problems that our customers experience on a daily basis is already a reality in our business. Savvy gives us the capacity to achieve this anticipation, as well as the possibility of optimizing our customers’ operations,” explains Unai López Moñux.

For his part, the CEO of Savvy Data Systems, Fernando Sáenz, believes that the transaction with Fagor Arrasate will give his company access to new markets.
“We wanted to go beyond what a commercial collaboration agreement could offer us. For us, Fagor Arrasate is a strategic partner that can contribute to our international expansion. Savvy will be boosted by the market share and penetration that Fagor Arrasate currently brings to the forming sector in the international markets where it operates,” says Saenz.

“We believe that, thanks to this partnership, our knowledge of different types of machines and processes will increase significantly, as Fagor Arrasate has the broadest portfolio of proprietary products for sheet metal working. Together, we will be able to integrate and propose the most advanced, best coordinated, most efficient and most competitive solutions on the market. Every company that manufactures something wants to manufacture with lower costs and in less time. Our technologies, once implemented, have a direct impact on the bottom line,” says Sáenz.

About Savvy Data Systems

Savvy specializes in the development of digitalization technologies with the aim of transforming data from machines and industrial processes into valuable information, speeding up decision making and generating advanced products and services.

The firm accompanies its clients in the different phases of the digital transformation process and offers support at every step, from the definition of the strategy to the development and implementation of technology.

He has more than 10 years of experience guiding industrial clients on their path to digitalization, refining data and converting it into valuable information for agile decision making. Through the creation and implementation of cutting-edge digital products and services, he has achieved results that have significantly impacted his clients’ business figures.

The company also relies on a well-established network of industrial partners (DanobatGroup, Fagor Automation, IPF and, recently, Fagor Arrasate) and research centers, with which it works in collaboration. It is thus at the forefront of digital manufacturing support technologies, essential for the factories of the future and present, providing the know-how needed to meet the digital challenges in all types of industrial sectors.