March 24, 2012


the Basque Commercial Mission to India

Fagor Arrasate event: FAGOR ARRASATE IN INDIA

Fagor Arrasate  has played a necessary and important role within the Basque Commercial Mission to India that has been led but Basque Government President, Mr. López; Industry Minister, Mr. Unda, Mondragon Corporation  President Mr. Aldekoa and representatives from Fagor Arrasate. Another eighty companies have joined the delegation. During these days, several important contacts with companies and institutions of India have been held. Also, the SPRI has signed an agreement with Mondragon Corporation in order that other companies -not members of the Corporation- can use 40,000 sq.m. of the new Industrial Park that the Corporation is building in Pune with a total surface of 160,000 sq.m. Tjis Industrial Park is already in construction, in the State of Maharashtra, and has two zones. The first one in the area of Shirwal with 60,000 sqm and the other in the area of Andori with 100,000 sqm.

Within this mission, the Minister of Industry , Mr. Unda had meetings with the top management of Steel Maker SAIL  where FAGOR ARRASATE has already installed tow big cutting lines – one slitting and one packaging-, in the facility SALEM in the south of the country where SAIL is producing stainless steel. SAIL produces 14 million ton of steel every year.

In the picture: the official opening