December 14, 2010

Fagor Arrasate is invited to the big opening of the new facility of Thyssenkrupp in Alabama

Fagor Arrasate event: Fagor Arrasate is invited to the big opening of the new facility of Thyssenkrupp in Alabama

On December, 10th, it was celebrated in Calvert, Alabama, the Big Opening of the new facility of ThyssenKrupp in the US, one of the biggest projects, in terms of investment, of this decade. In total, about 5 billion dollars. The new factory will produce five million tons of carbon steel and stainless steel. FAGOR ARRASATE has supplied all the finishing lines being one of the suppliers with more lines in the new facility. FAGOR has supplied two big inspection lines, one slitting line for thick steel, two cut-to-length lines with vacuum stacker, three slitting lines of high performance, one combiline with pick-up stacker and one packaging line. FAGOR was awarded, now more than two years, as main supplier of the finishing area in competition with Northamerican, Italian and German companies what shows the prestige of Fagor in the steel sector. The new factory has a surface of 630,000 square meters covered and has been built, starting from scratch, in only three years, a notable engineering success.

The brilliant opening was led by TKS’s CEO, Mr. Schulz, Alabama’s Governor, Mr. Riley, German Ambassador in the US, The Special Representative from President Obama, Mrs. Hariton and the top directors of Thyssen in the US. In total, more than 4000 people were invited coming from the world of Politics, Banks and Industry. Among them, Thyssen nominally invited Félix Remírez, Iera Loinaz, Antxon de la Fuente and Tank González who represented FAGOR ARRASATE in the event. After a buffet, the Ceremony started with speeches from Mr. Schulz and Governor Riley and continued with different shows as the Mobil’s Symphonic Orchestra playing or a fashion exhibition of dresses made in steel. As big end of the festival, the legendary rock band Linyrd Skinyrd, led by famous Johnny Van Zand, played several numbers and, it was obliged, they interpreted Sweet Home Alabama, an all times rock and roll hit.