June 7, 2015

Fagor Arrasate, joins AVK

Fagor Arrasate joins AVK, "Federation of Reinforced Plastics", with headquarters in Frankfurt Germany

Fagor Arrasate event: Fagor Arrasate, joins  AVK

The AVK center, "Federation of Reinforced Plastics", based in Frankfurt, has Fagor Arrasateas a new member. AVK represents the interests of manufacturers of components and machinery for the process of reinforced plastics and composites, as well as suppliers of raw materials within the European market.

AVK is the oldest federation in the plastics industry, originally founded in 1924 under another name as a technical partnership then merged in 1998 with a  separate cooperative founded in 1959 representing reinforced plastics.
As stated in the motto of the federation, reinforced plastics and composites are materials whose future applications will grow over time and many are still unknown.