June 15, 2014


In the Celebration of the 28 BIEMH held in Bilbao the first week of June, an open house was held at the plant in the town of Fagor Arrasate Zamudio


This plant, specializing in the design and installation of hydraulic presses, which had at that time four hydraulic presses in its final stages of testing.
A press commended attention with a 4000 ton force and 8 feet between post for its size, the press intended for forming large steel plates for the petrochemical industry.

The  novelty is to highlight the operation of an installation for hot forming composed for unstacking formats, feeder boot release, press and feeder unloader.
Hot stamping is a process in combining the conventional stamping process in the heat treatment of the plate itself, obtaining patterned high resistance parts (1500Mpa) hardly achievable by the conventional stamping technologies. The high interest shown in recent years for car manufacturers in this technology is causing an unprecedented growth in demand for these parts and equipment needed for production.

Fagor Arrasate has spent years developing devices for this application, staying true to its commitment of the latest technology, and having formed an exclusive team, with Hotteknik, in cooperation with Batz die maker,  it was possible to see a high-productivity (10-20 pieces per minute).

Fagor Arrasate has developed its own feeders, with up to 5 degrees of freedom, able to meet both function unstacking formats as loading-unloading release.

The 1200 Ton press consists of a servo system that allows synchronization between itself and automation, minimizing cycle times.
The installation is complete with a large capacity oven with a length of 40 meters.
This  hot stamping line of high performance will be installed in the coming months in Michigan (USA), several of the views received by our visitors have confirmed their interest in knowing, in depth background information and performance results, so they can incorporate our lines into their production processes.