September 6, 2015

Fagor Arrasate received an order for the first servo transfer press with “Variotempo inside”

Allgaier Automotive is a successful supplier of the international automotive industry and a world leader in sheet metal forming. Included among the skills in this sector are the construction of special dies, stampng, fuel technologies and car body.

Fagor Arrasate event: Fagor Arrasate received an order for the first servo transfer press with “Variotempo inside”

Allgaier has decades of experience in the manufacturing of forming dies and in the manufacturing of stamped steel and aluminum components.

The new drawing process patented worldwide for forming high strength materials has been developed over several years in the Allgaier home. Its first application will be integrated into a Fagor Arrasate  press. In close cooperation with Allgaier and its technicians, Fagor developed special cushions to be incorporated into the slide for this purpose. The development of these special CNC cushions allows for adaptation of speeds and forces during the forming process in order to meet the respective requirements. The advantage of this innovative process is that optimizes the forming of the part for both steel and aluminum materials. The process may even produce high-strength parts with complex demands by means of cold forming processes.

Another advantage of Variotempo is considerably lower production cost when compared to the high costs of purchasing and operating hot stamping systems, as well as the ability to achieve excellent results with aluminum through Allgaier’s patented technology.

Servo Press Transfer to be supplied by Fagor Arrasate with destacker and feeder will have a  nominal press force of 25,000 kN at a maximum rate of 25 spm. Special functions required by the Variotempo will be included into the slide and the bolster.

The synchronic 3D software is used to optimize the servo-press and transfer motion curves in order to adapt them easily to the corresponding transfer die with the objective of increasing the rate and productivity.

Press with Servo Technology Transfer with “Variotempo inside” opens new horizons for stamping high-strength materials for parts with complex shapes that are difficult to form. The press will be installed in the new facility of Allgaier Werke GmbH in Oelsnitz from where Allgaier Sachsen GmbH will serve the national and international automotive market.

With this project Allgaier Automotive and Fagor agreed on future collaboration. Helmar Aßfalg, executive director of the Allgaier group, has found in Fagor a partner that will meet the specific requirements of this new technology with determination and success.