July 31, 2009


BAHRU STAINLESS of Malaysia has awarded FAGOR ARRASATE with an important order for its new stainless steel facility in the country. Fagor will design and supply a new coil up building line. This type of lines produce large coils starting from smaller coils, joining the tail of one with the head of the next one by means of high quality welding. In this particular case, the welding operation will be of the MIG/MAG system because the thickness of the coils to be joined is thick.
The new line will be able to process stainless steel strips of 1600 mm in width and 13 mm in thickness at speeds of 150 m/min. The line will include all the required components to minimize the idle times and set up times. Moreover, the line includes a very advanced safety system and has an integrated edge trimming system to cut the coils to the desired and precise width.
Fagor Arrasate is one of the most important Suppliers of cutting and processing lines all over the World. Recently, the Company confirmed that also Fagor Arrasate will supply several inspection and cutting lines for the new facility of ThyssenKrupp Steel in Alabama as well as several other lines in China.