October 9, 2010

Fagor Arrasate will supply stamping systems to F.Segura, S.A.U. including a 2000 Tons servopress

Fagor Arrasate event: Fagor Arrasate will supply stamping systems to F.Segura, S.A.U.  including a 2000 Tons servopress

FAGOR ARRASATE, one of the main press manufacturers of the World, will supply two new stamping systems to Spanish Stamper FRANCISCO SEGURA. To be more precise, they will be two transfer presses of high capacity and bolster’s size of 6000 x 2400 mm that can be separately or together as a tandem line, what will allow to manufacture significantly big parts. One of the systems supplied by FAGOR will be a transfer SERVOPRESS of 2000 Tons of capacity and including an electronic transfer model CNC6 with coil feeding line and blank destacker. This new technology is, today, only proposed by a few number of press makers in the World when we talk about big tonnage. In a servopress, on the contrary of a conventional press, there is not fly-wheel or clutch and brake, being the servomotor which controls at all times the speed and path of the slide of the press. This capability of programming different cycles, as eccentric, link drive or pendular will allow to optimize the working cycle in transfer or progressive modes. This allows to program any type of motion cycle, even stops at a particular moment of the stroke. Moreover, the mechanisms are simplified what assures a better maintainability and longer life of press, reducing also the cost of spare parts and operational works. FAGOR servopress, as well as the link drive eccentric pres, both of 2000 Tons, include the new PRO-STAMP system that shows in real time the power and capacity that the machine is instantly supplying. In this way, the user can analyze with extremely high precision what is happening on the die and optimizing thw whole work watching how the pres and die are working. The PRO-STAMP system is now a valuable tool in tracking and maintaining servopresses. Finally, it is needed to say that the servopress has an advanced energy recuperation system what makes the machine more ecologic and less costly.