March 12, 2012

Fagor Edergarden, new business for waste water treatment

The new company, promoted by the cooperatives Fagor Ederlan and Fagor Arrasate is the result of the intercooperation initiatives encouraged by the MONDRAGON Corporation .

Fagor Edergarden offers solutions for the treatment of sludge produced during wastewater treatment, as well as industrial activities such as food processing, livestock, paper, and others. This is a new business that is investing 2.5 million euros in three years with the prospect of creating 20 to 30 skilled jobs over the long-term. To begin with, use will be made of the productive infrastructure of the parent cooperatives, Fagor Ederlan and Fagor Arrasate, although the long-term plan is to create a production plant dedicated specifically to the manufacture of specialised equipment for waste water treatment.

Fagor Edergarden aims to establish itself as a benchmark supplier within the waste water treatment sector, developing innovative hi-tech equipment and global solutions in order to improve the environment. To achieve this, it will rely on technical capabilities and Fagor Ederlan and Fagor Arrasate, transferring the expertise they already command in their current businesses, such as the reliability and performance of their equipment and the high technological content of their products, over to new sectors.

In partnership with Fournier Industries
Likewise, in order to develop Fagor Edergarden’s lead product, an advanced rotary press for processing sludge, it has established a partnership with the Canadian company Fournier Industries, specialising in dehydration technology and backed by over 20 years of experience in the market.

Harold Roy, CEO of Fournier Industries, sees this partnership as "the opportunity to expand and offer a real alternative technology to new users". Juan Mari Palencia, manager of Fagor Ederlan, highlights the opportunity that this technology offers: "thanks to the alliance between Fagor Ederlan and Fagor Arrasate, this unique product is allowing us to enter a new market, expanding the business lines of both cooperatives".

The management of sludge is a costly process for those who generate it, not to mention all of the direct consequences it poses for the environment. The solutions proposed by Fagor Edergarden reduce these risk factors, supporting revaluation initiatives for sludge.

Fagor Edergarden already plans to participate in its first trade fair with a stand at SMAGUA 2012, International Water and Environment Show, which will take place 6th to 9th March at the Saragossa Exhibition Centre. At this event, Fagor Edergarden will exhibit a demonstration unit of the sludge dehydration equipment.

Promotion of new businesses

The Fagor Ederlan cooperative has led the process of setting up this new business through its Promotion and Innovation department and, combined with its commitment to collaboration and strategy of international cooperation, has incorporated Fagor Arrasate as another key player in the commitment to this new business.

A team of professionals from both cooperatives dedicated to the launch of new diversification projects based on market opportunities, collaborating to achieve socio-economic development within their environment.

Fagor Ederlan, manufacturer of components for the automotive industry, and Fagor Arrasate, which designs and supplies production systems for processing metal banding, jointly employ almost 4,000 employees distributed throughout more than 20 production plants and strategic alliances.