January 31, 2011

Fagor is awarded with an order from Baosteel to supply a press blanking line

Fagor Arrasate event: Fagor is awarded with an order from Baosteel to supply a press blanking line

The biggest Chinese Steel Maker, Baosteel, has recently awarded FAGOR with an important order to design, manufacture and supply a press blanking line. This line will process high strength steel, cold rolled, pickled hot rolled and galvanized strips. The maximum width will be 2050 mm and the thickness range will go from 0.4 to 3.2 mm. The coils will weigh up to 30 ton and the maximum length of the cut blanks will be 4500 mm. The speed will be 90 m/min and the maximum strokes will be 60 per minute. In this line many parts to be welded by laser as tailored blanks will be cut, so special emphasis has been given to the accuracy of the cut edge.

The new blanking line will include: movable storing cart, coil car, motorized uncoiler with to snubber arms for top and bottom unwinding, peeler, automatic coil loading, double pinch rolls, scrap shear and scrap removal, combined washer and oiler that is extractable when the material doesn’t need to be washed, leveler with two interchangeable cartridges and cleaning unit, loop and tables, guides, feeding rolls, inspection area, tail dividing shear, end of strip processor, press, exit conveyors and front and sidewise electromagnetic stackers.

The press will have a capacity of 800 Ton and the bolster will have a size of 4750 x 2750 mm. The stroke will be 350 mm, the same than the Slide’s adjustment. Shut Height will be 1282 mm.