November 22, 2011

GKN Driveline INDIA First Forging Plant Inauguration in India

The first forging line of the multinational GKN Driveline was opened in India, in the town of Chennai, on the last 2ndof November.

Fagor Arrasate event: GKN Driveline INDIA First Forging Plant Inauguration in India

The English multinational GKN PLC is the world leader in the precision forging. The CEO of GKN PLC Mr. Nigel Stein, the maximum responsible members of Asia led by Marc Vuarchex, Managing Director of GKN Asia, the maximum responsible members of GKN India, where the multinational company already owns three machining and assembling plants, as well as the maximum responsible members of GKN world forging led by Mr. Julio Villadangos attended the opening. The people who were in attendance on the part of Fagor Arrasate were Asier Aguirreurreta, manager of this project, Toni Azpiazu, Managing Director of the plant of Fagor Arrasate in Markina, where the forging products are manufactured and Javier Torres, Sales Manager of Forging Division.

The first precision forging line of GKN in India has involved an important challenge either in engineering or logistics, as the FagorArrasate’s work has been a turnkey project, which included the disassembly of a full line the multinational company owned in the plant of Birmingham, the corresponding move to Markina, retrofitting of the whole line (press, shears and furnace), the installation of a new electronic transfer of Fagor and the supply of a 500-Ton transfer press for the cold-forming and coining. In addition, one of the major drawbacks has been that of matching the line to the Indian conditions, that is to say, high temperatures, humidity and high-frequent power failures. Moreover, the line has the added complexity of working wholly in “flow”.

In the speeches made by the heads of GKN, they thanked specially the technicians of Fagor Arrasate involved in this project for the work they carried out.