March 1, 2015


Comprehensive solution for steel and aluminium processing comprising Transfer ServoPress , supply line and blank loader for important TIER 1.

Fagor Arrasate event: GREATER PRODUCTIVITY WITH ServoPress Technology (SPT) FROM FAGOR

The Servo Press Technology (SPT) solution from FAGOR based on latest market technologies will provide high productive capacity and flexibility to these two comprehensive installations that will operate in newly opened plants in Germany and the United States. Both factories are situated in strategic locations as far as the production of cars is concerned, where there are major car production plants belonging to OEMs within about 300 km.

The coil supply line is capable of processing sheet steel and aluminium between 200mm and 1,540mm wide, with a thicknesses ranging from 0.5 to 5mm.

The loader, integrated in the customer’s bespoke solution, in this case consists of 2 carriages capable of loading up to five tons each and which allow uninterrupted production thanks to the automatic change. Each piece is sucked into a claw of suckers positioned in the feeder, equipped with lifting and lowering movements as well as forward and reverse. The loader arm or feeder is able to process up to 23 parts per minute and it is possible to transport one blank or two blanks both in parallel and in series, with the aim of obtaining symmetrical parts or to duplicate the production with each of the cycles performed.

For the forming of parts, the installation is provided with powerful transfer servo presses with a capacity of 1,600 and 1,100 tons.

These are equipped with 3 and 4 SIEMENS servomotors with 380kW  each and a 630kW motor as a storage system for transient energy that minimises the size of the power supply and the consumption peaks in the most demanding parts of the work cycle. Capable of working in continuous mode at speeds of up to 35 strokes per minute, and up to 60 strokes per minute in reciprocating mode, the operation especially suitable for progressive dies.