February 26, 2017

Green Press Technology

A commitment to a sustainable future in the die-stamping industry

Fagor Arrasate event: Green Press Technology

In coming years, innovation will be of vital importance in new facilities in the deformation sector, since it will become the principal factor in the transformation into a market that is more efficient and mindful of its environmental impact.

One of the biggest challenges that today’s society will have to tackle is the need to mitigate three energy-related realities: the excessive energy dependency of industrialised nations, the depletion of the principal energy sources, and high levels of contamination. Given the scale and urgency of these realities, failing to address this challenge in the short to medium term would be folly, since, as the energy consumption dependency and growth indices show, an increasing amount of resources will need to be invested in scientific production, as well as energy efficiency polices, to guarantee a competitiveness which has waned in recent years.

If we factor in that over the coming years the global energy demand will increase, raising awareness of the importance of high energy consumption in industrial facilities would seem to be unavoidable. Reducing the environmental impact will be a constant strategic objective. Additionally, the cost associated to this section is one of the industry’s most salient cost items. By way of example, is it estimated that the energy cost triples that of labour.