April 17, 2011

Media emphasize the spectacular success of Fagor Arrasate’s facility in China

Many Spanish newspapers and media remarked recently the great success that the new FAGOR ARRASATE’s facility in China is achievibg

Fagor Arrasate event: Media emphasize the spectacular success of Fagor Arrasate’s facility in China


Inaugurated in year 2008 with an investment of 6 million euro, it has multiplied sales by a factor of five since then, emplying currently double number of staff than in the beginning. The factory, called FMMTK, is located in Kunshan,  not far from Shanghai, and its goal is the same that its mother company in Spain, so to manufacture forming machine tools, specially presses and stamping systems, coil cutting and processing lines both in steel and aluminum, dies, special equipment for manufacturing complex sheet metal parts automatically and systems for processing silicon electric steel and laminations. Somo of the media have defined the success of Fagor Arrasate in China as spectacular (see here, here  and here).

Recently, the plant was visited by the Industry minister of regional Basque Country, Mr. Unda, who was accompanied by Mondragon Corporation  President, Mr. Aldekoa and FFMTK’s CEO, Mr. Ormaetxea.

Fagor Arrasate has considered China as prioritary market since the Eighties. The company has shown an enormous perseverance and commitment with the country, both along the time and in the amount of resources dedicated to Chinese market. So, it is not a surprise that FAGOR has obtained a great success. Many Chinese customers have now equipment from FAGOR, in the sectors of automotive, steel mills and home appliances manufacturers. Moreover, FAGOR offers in its Chinese factory a really good conditions and has been recognized some weeks ago , for its Good practices in social responsability and commitment with the persons in China, an honor given to us by the Consortium GEK, RSC FORO GIPUZKOA due to the excellent job in integrating workers in China, offering a high quality working conditions with the highest standards.