March 15, 2015


Fully automated installation consisting of a blanks loader, two concatenated presses with a high rate linear transfer and units for punching and flexible folding to allow the manufacture of various models.


The cabinet or body of the washing machine is a component which is generally manufactured from a single piece of sheet metal, and whose rigidity is of vital importance for withstanding the vibrations which are generated during the washing process. These type of parts, which usually have a thicknesses of 0.7-0.9 mm, require lateral reinforcements which are achieved using various roll forming or pressings.

Depending on customer requirements the cabinet manufacturing line can start from spool, pre-cut blanks or even both alternatives, in order to adjust the system to the production mix required.
When the installation starts from spool, it has a supply line and with spool straightening and shears to obtain the blank.
When it starts from pre-cut blanks, the installation has an unstacking machine and a provision of 2 or more blank packet loading carriages which allows the installation to continue when faced with possible changes in model, or in the case of finishing the packet of blanks with which it is currently working

One of the parts that gives more flexibility to the installation is the line configuration that allows the realization of the roll forming, both on the sides of the washing machine and in the central part of the various models defined by the customer.

Depending on the profile of the cabinet and the customer requirements, the folding can be performed in one or more stages by using conventional tangential folding machines or CNC folders capable of correcting or customising the fold.


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