Slitting lines

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Automatic blade changes

The process of changing and adjusting the blades is fully automatic and takes less than 4 minutes with the intelligent shifting turrets. They can have up to six arms.

Circular shears with automatic locking

Our FAGOR ARRASATE circular shears allow precise adjustment of the clearance between the blades and the penetration. The quality of the cut depends on the correct positioning of the blades.

Automatic adjustment of the spacer shafts

Depending on the number of cuts and their position, our lines offer an automatic solution for positioning the spacer axes. The system is fully automatic and configurable so that the operator can decide the position and number of separators in each case.

Coil feeding and automatic threading

Coil feeding and threading delays are an important part of the downtime periods of these lines. FAGOR ARRASATE has a whole series of solutions to minimize these periods.

Extraction of coils without the need to strap them on the mandrel

FAGOR ARRASATE offers a wide range of solutions to remove the coil from the winder and start the next one as soon as possible. To that end, the ‘piano’-style unloading trolleys allow the coils to be extracted without having to strap them on the mandrel. Strapping may thereby be performed on the trolley or on the output turret.

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