Fagor Smart-Connect incorporates Savvy’s technology for smart data management.

The digital revolution 4.0 is transforming the industry and data management to turn it into relevant and accessible information is one of its biggest challenges. For this reason, Fagor Arrasate has entered the capital of Savvy Data Systems and has integrated its digital solutions for intelligent data management in its connectivity platform Fagor Smart-Connect.

In this way Fagor Arrasate becomes an industrial partner of the company specialized in the digital transformation of the process, capital goods and machine tool industry. Thanks to this technological alliance, Fagor Smart-Connect incorporates Savvy’s solutions to transform the data coming from the machines into information that allows to optimize and improve the competitiveness of the processes. These data are treated with different techniques so that they can be quickly understood by the different user profiles that will interact with the system directly or indirectly, so that agile decisions can be made.

The agreement allows further development of the Fagor Smart-Connect connectivity platform, which makes it possible to monitor its machines anywhere in the world to help its customers get the most out of their facilities by improving the operational efficiency - OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) - of the plant, on the one hand, and contribute to improving the customer’s process, on the other.

Smart Factory

"Our participation in Savvy Data Systems represents the fulfillment of one of the milestones set out in the roadmap of our 2024 Strategic Plan, through which we will develop and incorporate new technological capabilities essential to achieve the vision we have of the Smart Factory of the future. The connectivity and digitization of our machines, which Fagor Arrasate had already been promoting for some time, will be taken to another level with Savvy, with whom we are sure that we will achieve great technological and commercial synergies,” says Unai López Moñux, CEO of Fagor Arrasate.

“Our customers demand robust, automated solutions with increasingly challenging machine availability requirements. Continuously monitoring the main parameters of our machines anywhere in the world and, by applying predictive patterns, anticipating problems that our customers experience on a daily basis is already a reality in our business. Savvy provides us with the capacity to achieve this anticipation, as well as the possibility of optimizing our customers’ operations,” said López Moñux.

For his part, Savvy’s general manager, Fernando Sáenz, considers Fagor Arrasate “a strategic partner” because it will allow them to “significantly increase their knowledge of different types of machines and processes, since Fagor Arrasate has the broadest portfolio of its own products for sheet metal working. Together, we will be able to integrate and propose the most advanced, best coordinated, most efficient and competitive solutions on the market”.



Fagor Smart-Connect is a platform for process optimization, increased productivity, remote monitoring of facilities and improvements in production quality. It aims to improve the operational efficiency, or OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), of the plant on the one hand and help improve the customer’s process on the other. The system is based on advanced IoT (Internet of Things) technologies that allow online acquisition of machine operating parameters (stresses, temperatures, oil quality, etc.), their monitoring, analysis and subsequent diagnosis.

Our technical assistance service is permanently alert to queries and intervention needs of our customers’ machines, including remote connection to the machine control. We are also making progress in the characterization of machine behavior, with the aim of offering our customers predictive maintenance of the most critical components and/or those that require preventive maintenance depending on their use.

“Our customers demand robust, automated solutions with increasingly challenging machine availability requirements. Continuously monitoring the main parameters of our machines and, by applying predictive patterns, anticipating incidents is already a reality. Savvy provides us with the capacity to achieve this anticipation”.
Unai López Moñux, director general de Fagor Arrasate

Smart Connect


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